Media Release: Tasmania must follow WA and end native forest logging

Bob Brown Foundation hosted a Hobart Town Hall meeting today with keynote speaker West Australian Forest Alliance convenor Jess Beckerling, who was announced as 2021 Environmentalist of the Year earlier this week.

"There are no more excuses. It is clear that forest protection is critically important for the climate and for rainfall, rivers, wildlife and culture. It is also clear that fears about job losses and timber availability are unfounded. I hope the Western Australian experience gives strength to the arms of Tasmanian forest campaigners and helps to ring the alarm bell among your decision makers that time is up for native forest logging. Policy change is inevitable and the sooner it happens the better for everyone. All of our remaining forests are worth more standing. We can and must end native forest logging," said Jess Beckerling, Western Australia Forest Alliance convenor

"Jess Beckerling, who led the campaign to end native forest in Western Australian, inspired the crowd at the Hobart Town Hall. She's the face of things to come in Tasmania as we move towards the total end of logging and destruction of our forests, so needless in 2021-22," said Bob Brown.

“Native forest logging, and the incinerating of these forests after logging, has to end. Native forest logging remains financially unsustainable without handouts from governments. Forestry Tasmania’s recent financial performance is still not pretty. Over the past four years, cash operating losses before government grants have totalled $47 million, as revealed recently by Economist John Lawrence.

The taxpayer is not the only loser in this ongoing tragedy. So too are the critically endangered Swift Parrots who are losing their habitat to logging. Our foundation has surveyed 24 logging coupes in Tasmania’s southern forests that are Swift Parrot habitat or have Swift Parrots and their nests in them. Secure protection of all Swift Parrot habitat is urgent, while logging continues to destroy the parrots’ nursery,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Jenny Weber said.

"Thriving native forests have a significant role to play in tackling climate change and contributing to a clean, healthy and sustainable future for all life. Burning forest wood for large scale energy production is as emissive as burning coal and robs us of their carbon storage and sequestration at the most vital time. Protecting and restoring our forests is a climate change solution - burning them is not," Peg Putt said.

Speakers at today’s public meeting included Jess Beckerling - West Australia Forest Alliance convenor, Bob Brown, Louise Morris - Blue Derby Wild, Peg Putt - Coordinator Forests, Climate and Biomass Energy Working Group and Environmental Paper Network and Jenny Weber - Bob Brown Foundation.

Economist John Lawrence article


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