The Bob Brown Foundation says that Prime Minister Scott Morrison has sent a torpedo into popular hopes that he would appoint a strong, understanding minister for the environment.

“Melissa Price has a notable record of blather and greenwash on all of the tough environmental issues Australians have a right to expect their environment minister would take up and advocate,” Bob Brown said tonight.

“Minister Price will be hopeless, useless and powerless in her environmental responsibilities. That is in her record and that is why, as a government nonentity, she has been appointed to the most powerful environmental post in the nation. Her job, in fact, will be to undermine community advocates for the environment and it is useless sitting back and hoping otherwise. The Morrison government is set to tear Australia’s environmental responsibilities to pieces.

“What Scott Morrison does not get is that Australians are seriously alarmed by the onrush of global warming, the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef, the loss of forests and woodlands, and the accelerating loss of Australian species and

ecological communities. This ministerial appointment will be a vote loser and may be a factor that loses the next election for the conservatives,” Brown said.

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  • Adam Fletcher
    commented 2018-08-26 21:04:26 +1000
    A disappointment but not unexpected. A slap in the face of the environmental crises we are facing on land, in the atmospher and throughout the waters of Australia.