Media Release: Start of forest occupation camps begins in Esperence forests

Today, Bob Brown Foundation has established an Esperance Forests Defenders occupation in an area threatened by logging behind Dover, in Tasmania's south.

Twenty people are occupying the forests with tree-sits scattered through the canopy and ground-based flora and fauna survey sites.

"The fact that these native forests are threatened by logging is exactly why native forest logging needs to end in Tasmania. They are rich in wildlife, are contiguous with the current World Heritage Area and contain large tracts of old growth forests," Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“We have documented a range of species in the area including endangered Spotted-tailed Quolls on fauna cameras and Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos. These forests have great stands of ancient hollow-bearing trees which are slated to be logged. This is a globally rare climate storehouse, contiguous with pristine tracts of World Heritage forests,” Bob Brown Foundation Action Organiser Erik Hayward said.

"We are going to carry out these roving occupations throughout Tasmania’s threatened forests as part of our campaign calling for an end to native forest logging. We will defend this place from the chainsaws which are set to come at any time," said Mr Hayward.

"These forests need secure protection from logging as the global climate and biodiversity crisis demands urgent protection of all intact native forests,” Ms Weber said.

“Our campaign to defend and protect native forests will engage citizens to occupy threatened forests and expose the vast areas of wildlife rich forests which are slated for logging," said Ms Weber.

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