Media Release: Adani makes mug of Australia

Indian billionaire flew secretly into Townsville on Monday and out on Tuesday, according to today’s Queensland press.
'The sheer arrogance of this secret touch-down in and exit from Australia sidelines the media and is a two-fingered salute to the millions of Australians who are concerned by his mega coal mine opening up the Galilee Basin lode in central Queensland,' environmentalist Bob Brown said today.
The former Greens leader is holidaying in north Queensland.
“Some basic questions here:
Why was this story first broken by the Townsville Bulletin/Courier Mail at midnight?
Was it embargoed until after Adani had left Australia?
Did anyone get to interview Adani whilst he was here?
Why no press conference by the supremo central to one of the greatest social, industrial, indigenous and environmental controversies in Australian history?
Was PM Scott Morrison aware of the visit and, if not, why not?
Did Premier Palaszczuk know?”
Bob Brown says that if Adani’s idea is to treat Australia as mugs, he has made a bad choice. ‘The campaign against his mine is only just winding up. This visit will rile many Australians who want to know what is going on and such matters as the jobs commitments, insurance arrangements, contractors, Wangan and Jagalingou court challenge and environmental commitments affecting the way ahead.’
“Australia is also about to get chapter and verse of the disgusting operations involving Adani in India and elsewhere around the world. Many would like, for one, to know about the $3billion set to go from his central Queensland mining to an Adani family trust in the Cayman Islands,” Brown said.

Adam Burling, [email protected]

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