Media Release: Environmentalists rebuff Liberal attack

BOB BROWN FOUNDATION: “We will continue to act for Australia’s environment.”

Leading environment group, the Bob Brown Foundation, based in Hobart, says it will take on the Liberal Party’s campaign to suppress environmental action and debate. A junior Liberal senator, backed by power broker Eric Abetz, has renewed calls for the BBF to have its charitable tax-deductible status revoked.

BBF’s CEO Steven Chaffer says that other charities like Hillsong Church have tax-deductible incomes that dwarf that of the environment groups. He backed up the foundation’s high-profile campaigns to save Australia’s forests and wildlife saying that “a charity that politely sits on its hands, ignoring the very problem it was set up to address, is failing in its obligations to its supporters and the wider community.”

After months of staying home during the COVID-19 lockdown, while government exempted clearfelling and fire-bombing of Tasmania’s wild forests continued, BBF defenders stopped cable logging of a Mt Field forest, in central Tasmania, for two days, last week.

“Without that peaceful action, the Australian public would never have known that their forests and wildlife are being destroyed,” Mr Chaffer said.

“The call to penalise our supporters is partisan politics aimed at muting effective environmental action. It has to be seen in the light of the Liberals’ legislative moves against environmental campaigning in both Canberra and Hobart. The Morrison government is legislating to ban environmentalists from lobbying companies not to finance or aid destructive behaviour, like logging of old-growth forests or gouging new holes in the ground to export coal. The Gutwein government is pushing draconian anti-protest laws at state level.”

“We will continue to do all we peaceably can to protect this nation’s natural environment and lifestyle,” Mr Chaffer added.


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