Media Release: Gutwein approved forest protest ban collapses

The Gutwein government ban on peaceful protest in Tasmania has collapsed in court despite personal approval by the Premier.

“This is a Gutwein own goal”, Bob Brown, who has been visiting the Tarkine protest camp, said in Strahan this afternoon.

“We did not cave in to it because we knew it was an abuse of Tasmanian law. Surely the Premier should have known it was an abuse of the law too. It apperas he put politics before the law.”

“The Premier should say if he got the Solicitor-General’s advice. Tasmanians deserve the Premier’s commitment to never again go down this ill-judged road of bending the law selectively against environmentalists.

“This misuse of Tasmanian law by Peter Gutwein contaminates his future ability to call on forest defenders, or anyone else, to uphold laws when he did not.”

“The defenders of the Tarkine are in good heart and I have been with them all the way through these very trying times. They are the real salt of the Earth,” he said.

“The Tarkine will be saved!”

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