Three more Tasmanians have taken action this morning to protect takayna/Tarkine's rainforest from MMG's proposed heavy metals tailings dam.

North West Coast Farmer David Henderson (45) has blocked the gate preventing road access to the site. While retired Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment Manager Phil Tapper (68) and Disability Support Worker Liz Downes (43) have locked on to a loader preventing the use of that machinery.

“We rely on our clean image and environment to sell our products across Australia. Rainforests are too precious to lose and we have lost so many already. All remaining rainforests need secure protection, a priority over the profit of a Chinese Government owned company. I’m calling on the Federal Environment Minister to back a World Heritage Listing for takayna/Tarkine over the Chinese Government's profits. Make the mine move the tailings proposal out of the Tarkine", said Mr Henderson.

"I've been an occupational health and safety and environmental manager for forty years, and in that time had to develop numerous environmental management plans prior to commencing work, and I just can't understand in this beautiful old growth forest how a mining company can work without adhering to basic environmental principles", said Mr Tapper.

"I have spent 20 years of my working life on projects aimed at improving the lives of communities and protecting the environment. I’m here because we are in an ecological and climate crisis. In almost no cases is the environment considered in economic cost benefit analyses, business bottom lines, or GDP. I’m here to be one of the voices speaking up for this incredible forest and its rights to exist and thrive", said Ms Downes.

In 39 days, over 150 people have participated in protests on the proposed tailings dam site leading to 43 arrests.

A tree sit occupation continues on the site of the proposed tailings dam has been in place for 13 days


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