Media Release: Whaling in North Pacific: Morrison should tell Abe to stop.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison should call on the Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo to drop plans to resume the slaughter of minke whales on 1 July, the Bob Brown Foundation said today.

After abandoning its illegal whaling in Antarctic waters, Japan left the International Whaling Commission to become a rogue whaling state, harpooning whales within its own North Pacific economic zone.

The minke whales which delight tourists off the Queensland coast each year are no different to the minke whales Japan intends to slaughter off its own coast in July. “This cruel remnant industry is inhumane, unprofitable and unnecessary,” Bob Brown said today. “Our Prime Minister will be working ‘for all Australians’ if he makes this nation’s objection loud and clear to Tokyo.”

“PM Morrison could invite PM Abe to come whale-watching off the Australian coast and see how it produces many more jobs than the Japanese whaling fleet.”

Contact: Adam Burling, 0499 176 082

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