Media Release: Banquet in the Tarkine highlights the ongoing plight of Tasmanian threatened species

Today on Sumac Ridge in Tasmania’s takayna / Tarkine, in an ancient area of old-growth forest earmarked for logging, conservationists from Bob Brown Foundation staged a ‘Threatened Species Banquet’. The activists want to draw attention to the fact that, even at Christmas time, there is no reprieve for the myriad animals, plants and other species that rely on old-growth forests to provide them with food and shelter.

The activists have dressed up as prominent players in the Tasmanian logging industry, including Peter Gutwein, Tasmanian Minister for the Environment, Parks and Heritage; Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia; Sussan Ley, Federal Minister for the Environment; Will Hodgman, Premier of Tasmania; Guy Barnett, Liberal Party member and long-time supporter of old-growth logging; and Steve Whiteley, CEO of Sustainable Timbers Tasmania.

Spokesperson for the group, Dr Lisa Searle, said that today’s theatrical performance was designed to highlight the blatant disregard that those in power show for our threatened species.

“Despite the fact that Sustainable Timbers Tasmania have again failed to achieve Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification on the basis of ongoing logging of old-growth forests and threatened species habitats, they continue to log these areas at alarming rates. We are talking about species that are unique to Tasmania and on the threatened species list, and every day more and more of their habitat is being destroyed,” said Dr Lisa Searle.

“We are living in a world where species are becoming extinct at an unprecedented rate, usually for the sake of a quick profit, and Sustainable Timbers Tasmania have a long history of leaving a path of degradation and destruction in their wake. Forestry show no signs of stopping and their provisions for managing threatened species in native-forest logging areas are woefully inadequate,” she concluded.

Bob Brown Foundation activists have been camped on Sumac Ridge in the Tarkine since the beginning of October, directly blockading any attempts by STT to log this incredible, ancient forest.

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