Media Release: Conservationists ask Tasmanian Minister: Where will Swift Parrots go?

Bob Brown Foundation has today called on Tasmanian Minister Roger Jaensch to name the alternative breeding sites for the critically endangered Swift Parrot after he has closed off some of their possible breeding sites on Tasmania’s east coast.

Minister Jaensch is today quoted in a Tasmanian daily explaining that blocking the possible breeding sites for road expansions is to ‘divert’ the birds 'so they can breed away from areas that are going to be disturbed.'

“Like where Minister Jaensch? Where is this critically endangered species going to find alternative sites?” asked Bob Brown Foundation’s campaign manager Jenny Weber.

“This is the same government to which the Federal Environment Minister is pushing to devolve Commonwealth environmental protection and conservation responsibility under the changes to the EPBC Act. Sussan Ley intends to devolve responsibility to a man who blocks nesting sites for a critically endangered species,” Jenny Weber said.

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