Media Release: Forest ‘wars’ will follow if Hodgman breaks publicly-funded pact: Brown.

Greedy logging barons can expect public outrage to save Tasmania’s reserved forests a second time if needed, former Greens leader Bob Brown said in Hobart today.

With the Amazon, Arctic and Indonesian forests burning and scientists saying the best hedge against global heating is to stop destroying natural forests, today’s proposal that Tasmania’s iconic reserved forests be logged will meet fierce opposition, Brown said.

The first thing Premier Hodgman should require of FIAT members, if this double-cross in public negotiation is allowed, is the repayment of the $300 million ‘compensation’ the industry got for not logging the very same forests.

“This is not just about Tasmania. We must and will make a stand for the forests and wildlife in an age of man-made extinctions, sea-level rise, drought, fire and storms. The current mainland drought alone is estimated to be costing Australians $12.5 billion dollars. That drought’s intensity is due to burning coal, gas, oil and forests. Australia has more than enough plantations to meet all its wood requirements: the only compelling reason to invade the Tasmanian reserves is money - greed permitted by also putting the costs of the climate emergency onto the public purse.”

“If, in 2020, the Hodgman government opens the reserved forests to the bulldozers and chainsaws it will also see Tasmania’s clean and green image dragged through the mud of deserved international condemnation,” Brown said.

Press conference
Bob Brown
Bob Brown Foundation. Level 4, 116 Bathurst St. Hobart. 



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