Media Release: Tasmanian Liberals announce plans to re-introduce failed protest laws

Environmentalists are calling for Premier Gutwein to give up on undemocratic, unjust and dangerous attempts to silence and imprison protesters in Tasmania after logging and mining Minister Guy Barnett announced today that the Tasmanian Government would seek to re-introduce its failed Workplace Protection Bill.

“Premier Gutwein’s government needs to stop wasting taxpayers money and parliamentary time with attempts to pass draconian anti-protest laws. Thankfully the Tasmanian parliament has voted down these laws, yet the government continues to push the logging and mining industry's agenda to imprison anyone who challenges their destructive activities,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“The anti-protest laws would be the worst in the country, making everyday Tasmanians criminals just for standing up for the environment and social justice issues. Tasmania has a long, proud history of non-violent protests, both for human rights and for the protection of Tasmania’s wild places. Sadly, under the Liberal government we have a drawn-out attempt to introduce laws that shield business from public criticism and rule economic interests of corporations over the civil liberties of individuals,” Jenny Weber said.

“These anti-protest laws will jail the citizens of the Clark electorate who will join non-violent direct actions if the cable car proceeds on kunanyi / Mt Wellington. Meanwhile, Government still hasn’t ruled out special legislation to allow the cable car to proceed.

Their draconian anti-protest legislation appears to be designed to facilitate major developments like the cable car, expansion of fish farms and ongoing forest destruction while attempting to silence Tasmanians who want preservation of our natural assets.“ Jenny Weber said.

"Premier Gutwein needs to give up on threatening our democracy. Bob Brown Foundation is also urging the Labor party and independents to continue to oppose this attack on our democracy," said Jenny Weber.


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