Media Release: Tasmanian academic and writer, Pete Hay, arrested with 3 others in Tarkine protest

A team of veteran cricketers from The Thylacinians have taken to the crease to defend takayna/Tarkine from MMG's proposed heavy metals tailings dam.

Pete Hay, Androo Kelly, John Button, Ian Terry, and Rod Headlam have blocked the road access to the proposed site in a show of opposition to the destruction of National and World Heritage value rainforests.

"This is my island. These magnificent forests are my heritage. I reject the claimed right by a company that is foreign-owned to priority. Especially as there are alternatives option for where to put this tailings dam", said academic, writer and former state and federal government advisor Pete Hay.

"I am trying to stop this blatant, unnecessary, and ill-founded proposal. The fact the Commonwealth have not approved the current works, speaks to the flawed process" said Tasmanian devil conservation pioneer Androo Kelly.

"In a few months I will be 70. I am entering grandfather territory. Increasingly I am concerned at the adverse impact of climate change and what this might mean to my children, their children and future generations. Over the course of my lifetime, we have collectively done our best to ruin the place, rather than provide proper stewardship", said Mr Button.

"I have been on this Earth to be a caretaker of this planet. What's happening here at MMG's proposed tailings dam site is sheer vandalism, a practice I feel I need to do something about.
", said Mr Headlam.

"I have spent ten years working in the Tasmanian bush and for 35 years it has been a significant place of recreation, renewal and spiritual growth for me. Now it is time to give something back to this same bush, to make a stand to protect what is precious to everyone, not just an international mining company", said Mr Terry.

The team was joined by volunteers from Bob Brown Foundation.

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