Media Release: Aborigines ban ‘shames Australia’ - Bob Brown.

The Queensland Supreme Court ruling banning Wangan and Jagalingou defenders Adrian Burragubba and son Coedy from their ancestral lands now being destroyed by Indian mining giant Adani shames Australia in 2020, former Greens leader Bob Brown said today.

Brown, who led a convoy to near the mine site last year, described the ruling and the laws behind it as ‘reminiscent of the US deep South’. “This court triumph is not justifying a lynching, but it justifies Aboriginal eviction from their lands and lynching of their spirit.”

“Justice Boddice said Adani has responsibilities under workplace health and safety laws and disruption to the worksite would cause “unnecessary cost” and “significant ongoing expense” that could not be compensated by awarding damages later. He has advanced money over morals. This is a billionaire’s gift.

It is also a modern override of Aboriginal justice which carries on from the legacy of dispossession and death which has tarnished Australia’s image around the world," concluded Bob Brown.

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