Gautam Adani’s coal company is greeting the Bob Brown Foundation’s Stop Adani Convoy with an anti-convoy ‘save Adani’ advertising blitz.

“Lucas Dow knows where to contact me but clearly doesn’t care to,” Bob Brown said in Harvey Bay this morning, as the convoy proceeds to Rockhampton, Yepoon and Emu Park. After the 4,000-strong rally in Brisbane on Monday, the next convoy event will be a rally for the Great Barrier Reef in Airlie Beach on Friday.

The Courier Mail, which Brown holds responsible for promoting violence, reports that ‘Adani will today launch a full-throttle counter-attack against former Greens leader Bob Brown and the #StopAdani convoy, which will arrive in central Queensland.

Adani Mining chief executive Lucas Dow said the company's ‘Know the Facts’ campaign would counter the ‘lies, insults and hysteria’ touted over the past week by anti-coal activists. "As we have always said, everyone has the right to voice their opinion but the past week has seen extremist green activists insult the tens of thousands of Australians who make up our coal mining industry, likening them to drug dealers and Nazis during the holocaust," he said.

This despicable analogy is been reprinted repeatedly by the Murdoch media in Queensland despite absolute repudiations by Brown and the convoy. On the other hand the Courier Mail and Adani has neither covered nor condemned calls on a LNP MP’s social media site calling for ‘shooting a thousand or so’ green activists. The Courier Mail today prints a call for power to be cut off from the Clermont Showground where the peaceful convoy will be camped next weekend.

Central Queensland primary producer and small business operator Bruce Currie has written to the same papers with the following letter:

Contact: Adam Burling – Bob Brown Foundation, 0499 176 082



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  • Kip Jones
    commented 2019-04-25 14:16:46 +1000
    It takes people like B.B. to galvanize the rest of us into “Direct” action.