Media Release: Sit in protest at Forestry Tasmania headquarters

Today, forest defenders in Tasmania are carrying out a sit in protest using forest destruction sounds at the Hobart headquarters of Forestry Tasmania.

“We are protesting today calling for the protection of native forests as Forestry Tasmania have announced their intentions to incinerate 8000 hectares in their annual post logging burning season. The tragedy of Swift parrot forest logging has continued throughout their recent breeding season and ancient forest destruction continues today. Tasmania needs to move immediately away from this colossal decimation of our carbon stores and native forest protection is critically urgent,” Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

On Bathurst st, in front of their headquarters, a pile of native forest debris from a clearfelled Swift Parrot habitat. This pile represents such a small amount of their unsustainable logging practices. Burning 8000 hectares will burn 20 million times the amount of crushed habitat they can see this morning on their front door.

“Conserving forests is the fastest, most effective way to stabilize our climate. If Forestry Tasmania proceeds with this season of incinerating logged forests it will be another climate disaster,” Jenny Weber said.

“Using the terrified cries of the wildlife being crushed and burned we are using loud sounds in the offices to remind those overseeing the logging that native forest destruction is wildlife and climate destruction. Forestry Tasmania headquarters is filled with people who are complicit with the logging and incinerating of Tasmania’s native forests and we are here to interrupt their operations of destruction. Today they have no choice but face the screeches of wildlife they put at risk of extinction,” Bob Brown Foundation Campaigner Erik Hayward said.

“Last month’s IPCC Report gave us the brutal truth: we face “unavoidable multiple climate hazards” over the next two decades, and are entering an era that will expose millions of people to food and water insecurity, and will drive extinction of numerous animal and plant species,” Jenny Weber said.

“There is a brief and rapidly closing window of opportunity to take action on climate. This has to stop. The logging and incineration of 8000 hectares of native forests has to stop before it starts in the coming days. The Tasmanian skyline has filled with apocalyptic clouds of billowing smoke from toxic substances across logged forests has been going on for decades and it’s time to stop now,” Jenny Weber said.

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