Tasmania’s northwest will be abuzz with trail runners from around Australia this weekend as the annual TAKAYNA TRAIL takes place out of Waratah.

“takayna Trail comes at a time when takayna is more threatened than ever. This race rallies the ultra-trail community to one of the world’s last wild places, imminently threatened by massive, proposed intrusions by mining. Protecting one of the richest carbon storehouses in the world here in takayna would be a win-win-win for climate, biodiversity and the health of humanity. These takayna ambassadors will run through ancient rainforests, many people have not ever seen, then they will carry this remarkable ancient place back home with them armed with the dedication to advocate for protection of this climate and wildlife ark in a time of serious urgency for the planet. After they have ran 20-60 km this Saturday through the rainforests, plains and rivers of Tasmania’s Tarkine,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“Our Trail fundraiser Simon Harris has worked with 149 runners this year to surpassing the highest fundraising ever for the event. We are again supported by our partners in the event, Patagonia and Paddy Pallin Foundation, who have made enormous contributions to defending takayna / Tarkine in the past seven years,” Jenny Weber said.

“We’re honoured to again support this important event. In the age of climate and biodiversity crises, we see running as a powerful tool for activism. The act of running for takayna / Tarkine, connects people more deeply to this place. It reminds us of the importance of wild nature and impels us to stand up and fight when these spaces are threatened,” said Dane O’Shanassy, Country Director for Patagonia Australia and New Zealand.

“takayna Trail 2022 highlights an emerging world of sports activists. This year is the first time in four years that our event has been sold out with a very long wait list of people eager to join. In its fourth year this ultra-trail marathon is growing a community of people from all over Australia who are standing up to have takayna protected as a World Heritage listed National Park and returned to Aboriginal ownership,” said Majell Backhausen takayna Trail Running Lead.

"In 2022, the race has two new adventurous courses for the 22km and 62km events. Both events take runners through the depths of takayna in a journey through the natural elements of this irreplaceable landscape. Runners are encouraged to take in the elements and surroundings in all directions, meeting every moment of discomfort with the beauty of nature.

The event also serves to educate and promote awareness of the current and future opportunities and threats to Tasmania’s takayna / Tarkine. Participants will be running through Australia’s largest temperate rainforest. The event organisers, Bob Brown Foundation, have gone out of their way to ensure that runners experience a lifechanging event, designed to connect people from all over Tasmania, Australia and the world. A place of unique Aboriginal heritage, we are working with Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre to see it returned to their custodianship," said Majell Backhausen.

"takayna / Tarkine remains today a rare gem of natural intactness in a world where the destruction of wild nature is rampant and accelerating. It should also be one of the easiest in the world to protect. Comprising just seven percent of Tasmania, the Tarkine contains the nation’s largest temperate rainforest, a galaxy of its rare and endangered wildlife, and some of the richest Aboriginal heritage in the hemisphere. The latter has been inscribed on the list of National Heritage. The cleanest air in the world, as measured by the nearby UN monitoring station, blows across the Tarkine’s shores," said Bob Brown.

Simon Harris is an original co-founder of the Bob Brown Foundation takayna ultra marathon. A fundraiser with a conscience for protecting our wild places. He is also the co-founder and manager of For Wild Places.

Majell Backhausen is the takayna Trail Running Lead, Community Manager at Patagonia Australia and a co-founder of For Wild Places. Dedicating the better part of the past 10 years to learning how to become a ‘better’ runner, his journey has taken him to the highest passes and finish lines of events around the globe. For takayna / Tarkine he dedicates time to planning the route, engaging the runners as well as a team of very generous volunteers who coordinate the trail-run with Bob Brown Foundation staff.

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