Media Release: Tasmanian salmon industry headed in wrong direction

The announcement on Friday by Minister Barnett that the Tasmanian Government is developing a '10-year Salmon Future Directions Plan' confirms that the industry and Government are not listening to calls from the community to reduce the impact of industrial fish farming. 

Currently, salmon farms in Tasmania are creating huge environmental problems but it seems the Tasmanian government wants to push on with destroying Tasmania’s marine ecosystems.

"With the Gutwein government’s track record for 'sustainability', alleged 'world’s best practice' and community consultation with regards to the salmon, it would appear that this 10-year plan amounts to nothing more than a smoke screen for business as usual and a further give away of Tasmania’s beloved and pristine public waters to the polluting salmon barons," said Alistair Allan from the Bob Brown Foundation's marine team.

“The Tasmanian government and salmon industry are in cahoots to ensure the expansion of salmon over the next 10 years, even though it is plain to see that salmon farms are destroying Tasmania’s rivers and oceans now. If they continue to expand like they want to over the next 10 years, there won’t be one clean beach left in Tasmania.

The Blue Economy CRC is a collective of government and industry bodies perpetuating the interests of big business and carving up coastlines and ocean for industry usage, they don’t have the interests of Tasmania, its environment or communities at their core. 

What the government should be announcing is a 10-year plan to repair and restore Tasmania’s waterways, especially Macquarie Harbour, from the massive damage already done by industrial salmon farming in our public waters," said Mr Allan. 

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