Media Release: Tarkine camp enters 10th week as forest defenders prepare to spend the holiday period in threatened forests

A protest camp in the takayna / Tarkine forests continues into the holiday period after ten weeks and two arrests.

"Forest defenders continue to hold firm in the Sumac forests of the spectacular takayna / Tarkine wilderness. While facing threats of arrests, wild weather and camping in this remote region, the protesters‘ spirits are as strong as ever," said Bob Brown Foundation's Scott Jordan.

"As most people are preparing to wind down for the festive season, these heroes of the Tarkine are giving up time with family and friends in order to protect these ancient forests from the chainsaws and bulldozers. This camp is a testimony to what individuals can do in this climate emergency to help protect the planet. These forests are important carbon stores, along with habitat for Tasmanian Devils and many other rare creatures and plants.

I have been honoured to spend time in these forests with some of the most incredible people, all stepping out of their lives into the frontline of climate defence. We’ve had doctors, nurses, engineers, photographers, scientists and students of all ages help protect takayna / Tarkine and join the call for it to be a world heritage listed national park. Bob Brown Foundation remains committed to staying here for how ever long it takes for these forests to be saved," concluded Mr Jordan.

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