Media Release: Tasmanian anti-protest law a gift to loggers and miners

Tasmania’s Parliament has rammed through harmful anti-protest legislation on behalf of the corporations destroying native forests, Australia’s largest temperate rainforest in takayna / Tarkine and the island’s oceans and rivers with toxic salmon factories.

“Tasmanians have been betrayed by their government who have put profit for Earth’s plunderers before people,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“Passing the second reading phase in Tasmania’s Upper House, on a count of heads of those who support this draconian anti-protest law, it will pass in August,” Jenny Weber said.

“MMG’s owners in Beijing will be delighted. Tasmania’s anti-protest legislation, once it passes, is MMG’s Bill targeting Bob Brown Foundation. Parliamentarians were fed lies about our non-violent protests. In over three decades of environmental protests in Tasmania, there has never been an instance where an employee, contractor, protestor or member of the public has been injured due to protestor activity,” Jenny Weber said.

"Cathedral-like ancient rainforests, with many trees 500 and more years old and critical breeding habitat for the Tasmanian Masked Owl, will be flattened and covered in toxic mine-waste sludge if MMG’s proposed tailings dump is not halted in takayna / Tarkine. We are not going to stand back and let these important, stunning, ancient rainforests be destroyed. Our sustained disruption will continue until MMG leaves takayna / Tarkine,” Jenny Weber said.

“The legislators have yet to take sweeping action on climate and environmental protections. The viability of our little planet needs legislators' action immediately. Dangerously reckless governments in Tasmania, Victoria and NSW are passing legislation aimed to crush peaceful protestors. Draconian anti-protest laws will not work, as the window rapidly closes on securing a liveable planet, Earth’s defenders will continue their non-violent protests to hold back the Earth-destroying machines,” Jenny Weber said.

“A handful of elected members of Tasmania’s parliament stood up for the fundamental rights of all citizens to protest. Sadly something is rotten with governance, not environmentalism, in Tasmania,” Jenny Weber said.

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