People are coming from around the nation to oppose the MMG toxic waste dump in the rainforests of takayna/Tarkine.

There are three occupations within the mine lease including a platform up a majestic sentinel tree that has been occupied for two weeks while MMG scours the site.

“It’s time for MMG to stop calling in the police to remove takayna defenders. MMG should remove their machines in Australia’s largest temperate rainforests,” said Jenny Weber.

This morning another defender - The Lorax- is suspended up a platform in an ancient Gondwanan myrtle that is attached to an MMG excavator.

And Launceston born retiree Ailsa Bennell (66) has locked on to the excavator to prevent roading and clearing of rainforests ahead of environmental approvals.

"I have returned to Tasmania after time living in the US and Africa and am disappointed that we are having the same environmental fights as when I left in 1980", said Ms Bennell.

"We share Ailsa's disappointment that after forty years of citizen action for the environment, our governments still fail to protect our wild places", said campaigner Scott Jordan.

"Our unique and treasured species like the Tasmanian Masked Owl and the Tasmanian Devil should be valued more highly than the needs of this mining corporation which admits it has other toxic waste dump options."

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