Australian whale-savers take on Japan as Brazil host IWC talks.



There was a colourful protest against illegal commercial whaling at Japan’s embassy in Canberra today. Holding banners, including GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN: BLOODY WHALE CRIMINAL, the protest was joined by two Senators from the Australian Greens party and Australian rock musician Adalita Srsen.

Former Australian Greens leader Bob Brown berated the new Australian government led by Prime Minister Scott Morrison for failing to have senior ministerial representation at the International Whaling Commission meeting this week in Brazil. Japan is moving to upend a decades-long moratorium on commercial whaling.

“World public opinion, not just here in Australia, opposes this bloody and illegal slaughter by the Japanese whalers. This year Japan harpooned 333 minke whales, one third of which were pregnant. Japan is coming into the Southern Hemisphere to attack the culture of Australia which loves whales and is appalled by the massacre,” Brown told the crowd which roared ‘Stop Whaling’ into the embassy confines.

The Greens Senators cited Japan’s whaling south of Australia as a reason to oppose the mooted bilateral trade deal between Tokyo and Canberra.


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