Media Release: Don't let Venture Minerals play dice with takayna /Tarkine.

In a move that smacks more of manipulating permits, Venture Minerals has announced a decision to commence mining at Riley Creek in takayna / Tarkine despite three straight weeks of plumetting iron ore prices. Prices are now below the price that Venture abandoned the project in 2014 and are predicted to fall further over the next two quarters.
Without substantial commencement, Venture's planning scheme permits expire on 27th September. Its Commonwealth permits now require a further permission to commence following six years of delay.
"This announcement should be viewed by the regulators and Environment Minister Sussan Ley with suspicion. On the eve of losing permits, Venture is announcing a start on a project that makes no economic sense", said takayna / Tarkine Campaigner Scott Jordan.
"I fear we are looking at another Shree Minerals type mess with a doomed mine leaving Tasmanian's to deal with another avoidable environmental legacy".
Bob Brown Foundation wrote to Environment Minister Sussan Ley last month urging her to activate provisions of the Commonwealth EPBC permit that required reconsideration of the project's impact on the Tasmanian Devil should it not have substantially commenced within five years. That period has expired and the Devil Facial Tumour Disease front has since encompassed the Riley Creek site.
The Minister has not yet replied.
"Minister Ley should not be bullied or fooled by Venture's contrived optimism. She should consider the evidence and place the risks to takayna / Tarkine and its wildlife above the company's desire to prolong a project well past palliative care".
Contact: Scott Jordan, takayna / Tarkine Campaigner, [email protected] or 0428 300 324

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