Media Release: People burst on political lockout of environment.

The comfortable Labor-Liberal club was split open by environmentalists at Launceston Casino's 'leaders (no Greens) debate’ tonight.

“While neither Gutwein nor White had a thing to say on forests, climate change or Tasmania’s world-renowned environment, the campaigners put all three vital topics on the people’s election agenda. Bravo campaigners for democracy!” Bob Brown said.

“The Liberal and Labor parties deserve disruption as long as they not only fail to protect the environment and climate. Worse, these two parties are responsible for the destruction of Tasmania’s precious environment and loss of wildlife,” Erik Hayward, Bob Brown Foundations Campaign Organiser said.

“The Labor and Liberal leaders need to know that we will not let them keep forests and environment off the agenda,” Erik Hayward said.

A large banner was displayed outside the venue and unfurled on the stage as the two leaders debated


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