Media Release: Australia’s vast concrete Antarctic airport should not go ahead.

Today, the Bob Brown Foundation met with the Federal Environment Minister, Sussan Ley, at Parliament House to express grave concern for the enormous environmental impact of Australia’s planned concrete airport at Davis Base, Antarctica.

The proposed 2.7km concrete airport will increase all nations’ human impact on the continent by 40%.

“Today we came to Canberra to tell Minister Ley that this proposal needs to be stopped right now. It will require a staggering 3 million cubic metres of earthworks and the explosive levelling of 60 metres of hills in the neighbourhood of 160,000 Adelie penguins, Weddell seal pupping habitat and with nesting sites of Wilsons Storm Petrels” said Antarctic campaigner Alistair Allan.

“Minister Ley said that she only oversees the EPBC section of the project. But the environment minister is appointed to be an advocate for our environment. Minister Ley should be our leading environmentalist and she can start by pulling the plug on this environmental disaster in the pristine wilderness that is Antarctica” said Dr Bob Brown.

Concurrently, during senate estimates, Greens Senator Hanson-Young questioned the Director of the Australian Antarctic Division, about the budget for the project.

“A 5-billion-dollar figure has been touted for the concrete airport. This project is going to be a logistical nightmare. The government has already spent $68 million dollars on investigating this aerodrome. The question to Australians is, at a price tag of 5 Billion, what would they prefer? A concrete airport that destroys the homes of penguins and seals in an area the whole world wants protected, or $200 in the pocket of everyone?” said Alistair Allan.

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