Media Release: Protest against the invasion of takayna/Tarkine

In Tasmania’s north-west today, for the 4th day in a week of protests, a group of 20 activists have again blocked access to Venture Minerals’ Riley Creek mine site. Protesters are gathered at the mine entrance and on the environmental destroying machinery, another protester has locked themselves to a crane.

Dr Searle today attached herself to the crane to protest against Venture invading takayna/Tarkine with mining equipment. “This crane is being used to construct a wet screening plant to extract iron ore. By immobilising the crane, we are preventing Venture Minerals from completing construction of the plant and creating any further damage to this land,” she said.

“Venture Minerals is planning to use the profits from this Riley Creek strip mine to fund 2 much larger and even more destructive projects in the ancient rainforests of Mount Lindsay and Mount Livingstone. These mines will create huge scars across the takayna landscape, and irreversible damage to habitats of many threatened and endangered species.

“Venture Minerals motivation to get its ‘mothball’ project off the ground once again is due to decades-high iron ore prices. To the detriment of the environment and climate, Venture Minerals will destroy World Heritage values and leave nothing but a pit of waste behind,” Lisa Searle said.

Venture minerals should get out and stay out of takayna/Tarkine. This is Aboriginal land and we are campaigning for takayna to be returned to Aboriginal ownership,” said Dr Lisa Searle, Campaign Organiser with the Bob Brown Foundation.

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  • Adam Burling
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