Media Release: Pro-logging vigilantes attack Tarkine Defenders

“Pro-logging vigilantes repeatedly rammed and seriously damaged a Tarkine forest defenders vehicle overnight. It is lucky no one was killed,” Bob Brown said in Hobart today.

There were three people in the car driven by Dr Lisa Searle who was on her way to the Tarkine forest defenders’ camp at Sumac Ridge, south of Smithton.

“Last night when we were ambushed by aggressive pro-logging vigilantes, it was scary and we feared for our lives,” Dr Lisa Searle said

“This is cowardly vigilante violence against peaceful protesters. The men involved will be known to police because the number plate of one of the two vehicles involved in the attack was noted,” Bob Brown said.

“Yesterday’s publicity about the Gutwein government’s clamp down on our Foundation’s forest protest state-wide preceded this ugly incident. In the wake of the violence a pro-logging source is calling for recruits,” Bob Brown said.

Meantime our Foundation will have legal advice on the Justice Department’s edict to consider in the next few days.

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