Referring to an alarming new report from the Australian National University Fenner School of Environment and Society, titled Long-term impacts of wildfire and logging on forest soils. Bob Brown Foundation says it is compelling evidence that Tasmania’s forest lands will not recover their fertility in more than a lifetime after current destructive logging practices that are carried out by Sustainable Timbers Tasmania.

“We call on the Minister for Forests, Sarah Courtney, to suspend all logging and burning of Tasmania’s native forests until or unless this ANU report is found not to apply in Tasmania,” Bob Brown said.

“We know that Sustainable Timbers Tasmania’s annual “regeneration” burns eradicate all wildlife, destroy the potential return of native plant life and leave several districts covered in smoke haze each autumn.  But this report cannot be ignored.  It shows the word sustainable in Forestry Tasmania’s new name is simply false,” Bob Brown said.

The report can be found here


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