Media Release: Four arrests as forest defenders intervene against Wedge-tailed Eagle habitat destruction

Four people have been arrested today while protesting in forests north of Mt Field National Park, this area has two documented Wedge-tailed Eagle nests in adjacent forests. One of the people arrested, Ana Bursek, spent two nights atop a giant cable-logging machine.

“Anna Bursek’s two night sit atop a cable-logging tower to save Mt Field‘s eagles deserves an Order of Australia. Defending the nesting sites of Tasmania’s Wedge-tailed Eagles, the largest in the nation, is upholding the goals of environmental laws which Australian governments breach with outrageous indifference. Anna and fellow forest defenders, arrested today, have a regard for wild and scenic Tasmania entirely missing from the Tasmanian and federal cabinet rooms,” said Bob Brown.

Three of the forest defenders arrested today are concerned that Tasmania Police arrested them without giving warning to leave first.

“We were peacefully protesting today in logging coupe DU015A, providing ground support to a protester who was in a platform atop a cable-logger. We were also present in the same logging coupe yesterday and were asked to leave by police. There was no timeframe given on this directive to leave and we complied with police directions. During today’s protest, we were preparing to leave the protest site when the police suddenly and unexpectedly arrested three of us for trespassing. This is very unusual behaviour, and these arrests were completely unnecessary as we were already on our way out. Myself and the two other protesters were taken to the Hobart police station, all our phones and gear confiscated, and we were provided with bail conditions stating that we are not to enter or remain on any Sustainable Timber Tasmania land state-wide. We are committed to defending Tasmania’s native forests from destructive logging,” Dr Lisa Searle said.

“Intact forests remain standing in this coupe that is habitat for the endangered Wedge-Tailed Eagle and should be protected. An immediate moratorium needs to be put in place over all native forests in Tasmania and Premier Gutwein can take the opportunity to take real climate action and protect these wildlife-rich carbon stores,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

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