Media Release: Morrison to digitise ecocide: Bob Brown

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s plan to speed up environmental approvals for mines, dams and industrial fish farms is a formula for faster extinction of species, breakdown of ecosystems and loss of Aboriginal heritage, environmentalist Bob Brown said in Hobart today.

The PM’s promise to big business of faster assessments will extend to the nation’s beleagured Indigenous estate.

“Mr Morrison does not want to know that you cannot digitise the field studies essential to a mature understanding of the environmental and human heritage impacts of megaprojects like coal mines, gas fields, oil wells, dams, industrial fish farms and clearfell logging,” Brown said.

“The leader of this nation is set on a studiousy ignorant course of destruction through profiteering expediency. One only has to look at his approval of the Adani coal mine in central Queensland to see that the current system fails, because not enough time, rigour and science is given to vastly damaging projects as things are: Morrison has no prudent idea of the impact of that mine on the endangered Black-throated Finch, the unique Doongmabulla Springs or the Aboriginal songlines of the region, let alone the Great Barrier Reef and the global climate emergency.”

"His latest anti-environmental policy will make things worse," Brown said.

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