Media Release: Cut Carbon Not Forests - Protests outside Premier Gutwein’s office and threatened forests for International Day of Action on Big Biomass

21 October 2021

Bob Brown Foundation protesters held peaceful protests outside Premier Gutwein’s Launceston Office today, with a huge banner drop in threatened forest at Western Creek in northern Tasmania, as part of the International Day of Action on Big Biomass

Biomass from native forests is being touted as a new, innovative, 'renewable' energy that will decrease carbon emissions.

But this is just more greenwash from an industry desperate for a fig leaf to hide the destruction and carbon emissions of continued native forest logging.

“Burning forest biomass releases even more carbon than coal and is just another excuse for propping up the destructive and economically bereft logging industry,” Bob Brown Foundation Campaigner Scott Jordan said.

The carbon released by burning native forest biomass could take centuries to be stored again in regrowth forests. Our native forests cannot sequester that carbon in the critical time frames demanded by the deepening climate crisis and Paris Agreement commitments.

“We are taking a stand against native forest biomass – the climate crisis demands we stop burning carbon entirely, not simple replacing dirty coal power with native forest furnaces.”

“We are protesting outside Premier Gutwein’s office and in threatened forests, to send a clear message to our government to Cut Carbon Not Forests,” Scott Jordan said.

In other actions today, Bob Brown Foundation climbers hung a huge banner in threatened forests at Western Creek in Northern Tasmania just a kilometre from the Central Plateau Conservation Area.

“Bushwalkers, tourists and locals who love these magnificent forests all along the Great Western Tiers would be horrified to learn that these highly biodiverse landscapes are destined to be shredded and exported overseas for renewable energy. They are massive, globally important carbon stores, critical habitat for wildlife and a tourism and recreation treasure that should be cherished not incinerated,” said Bob Brown Foundation’s Erik Hayward.

“We have climbed high into the canopies of Western Creek’s forests today to hang this banner and make it known that we will not let these forests be destroyed in silence,” Erik Hayward said.

As part of the International Day of Action on Big Biomass, Bob Brown Foundation has organised an email campaign, asking the public to contact their energy provider, to demand that they rule out the burning of native forest biomass from their green energy supply now and into the future.


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