Bob Brown Foundation has called on mining company MMG to explain to Tasmania why they aren’t refurbishing their current tailings dams to new international standards of safety and use the current dams for their waste. Instead of their shocking intention to flatten 285 hectares of tall myrtle rainforest, ancient hollow-bearing eucalyptus forests in Tasmania’s takayna/Tarkine.

The Foundations push for MMG to leave the Tarkine comes as three first time protesters have halted destruction this morning on the site of the contentious battle for protection of rainforests. While a Treesitter remains deep in the proposed tailings dam site after one week’s occupation reclaiming the rainforests.

“This is week five of frontline actions to defend takayna, while the mining machines continue to push into the forests. We environmentalists aren’t going to cost the jobs for people of Rosebery, it’s the mining company threatening employment. Our Foundation is advocating for logical solutions to MMGs problem including reminding the company they have other options for storing tailings waste that doesn’t cost a rainforest,” Jenny Weber said

Simon Carter ( 64 retired), Stephen Newman (68 retired) and Stewart Millar (65 social worker) who have known each other for 40 years are today protesting at the takayna/Tarkine forest site. MMG’s is road building for drilling as they prepare to build a contentious tailings dam. The three Tasmanian citizens are today for the first time protesting, directing years of frustration into action.

“I've come here because I'm feeling increasingly frustrated with the lack of leadership when it comes to environmental issues. I have great fears for my children's future" said Stuart

“I have an overwhelming feeling that we should have done something in the past. Seeing young people here to save the forest is something of a lesson for us folk to learn,” Simon said.

“Our demands aren't great really, given there are other viable options for this tailings dam. This World Heritage value takayna/Tarkine should be protected,” Steve said.

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