Media Release: Tasmanian forests defended in an age of mass destruction.

Tasmania’s forest defenders have halted, at least temporarily, the total destruction of native forest and wildlife on the slope beneath Mt Field National Park. Cable logging has been destroying endangered Wedge-tailed Eagle habitat before the species’ breeding season will stop the logging due to two eagle nests in adjacent forests.

“In an age of mass extinction due to loss of habitat, this needless destruction is a crime against future generations,” Bob Brown said today.

“The courage of ordinary people going out to this wild place to stop the carnage has attracted wide public support and admiration - as have similar ongoing forest protests in Victoria and New South Wales. That a massive cable-logging machine has been stopped at Mt Field by a lone woman camped atop it overnight will draw more public sympathy. Our campaign asserts the public’s right to know that Tasmanians’ forests and wildlife are being pulverised at public expense for markets which could and should be supplied by plantation timber.”

“Logging of Tasmania’s irreplaceable native forests is certainly not an ‘essential service’ but has been continuing while the rest of the world has been in lockdown. We are now on day two of this blockade and will not leave until these horrific forest-destroying machines leave. We are a voice for these forests and wildlife-filled ecosystems and call for an end to native forest logging,” Dr Lisa Searle, forest defender on site, said.

“Clearfell cable logging stripping Tasmanian forests to bare earth will be followed by burning with a napalm-like substance dropped from a helicopter, shameful practices that are criminal in this climate and biodiversity emergency. Research shows that Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagles don’t stray far from home and now these homes look out on a horror wasteland,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“Premier Gutwein should intervene to protect these Wedge-tailed Eagle nests, and their environs, from being destroyed for no essential purpose. This is Australia’s largest bird of prey and our governments continue to destroy its unique forest habitat,” Jenny Weber said.

Meanwhile, seven forest defenders from earlier protests against destruction in takayna / Tarkine face the Magistrates Court in Hobart today. “These hearings should be about crimes against nature - that would have ministers and industry heads in the dock instead,” Jenny Weber said

Here is the government’s DPIPWE website information: Wedge-tailed Eagle - The Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagle (Aquila audax fleayi) is an endemic subspecies and is listed as endangered under the Tasmanian Threatened Species Protection Act 1995. It is included in the Federal list as an endangered subspecies. Why is it a threatened species here in Tasmania? The Wedge-tailed Eagle is listed as endangered in Tasmania for several reasons. The bird was listed as endangered due to a low number of breeding pairs, high rates of unnatural mortality, and loss and disturbance of breeding habitat.


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