“Reports that roadworks for the Adani mine begin next week entail an effort to bully Australians into thinking the mine is approved when it isn’t,” former Greens leader Bob Brown said in Airlie Beach this morning.

Brown has been in central Queensland talking with supporters of the STOP ADANI CONVOY. Hundreds of people will motor from all over Australia in April-May to protest the mine and global warming.

“The convoy will highlight the 70 percent of Australians who oppose the polluting and jobs-sparse Adani mine proposal. As a bonus it will bring to the region hundreds of good people wanting to pay for accommodation and hospitality,” he said.

“The road start will be a try-on. This is a pre-election effort by Minister Canavan and Guatam Adani to look like a mine go-ahead when really it’s a fake Golden Shovel moment on a road to nowhere. Most Australians don’t want the mine and expect the next federal government to stop it. This fake start will annoy Australians and boost the vote for election candidates standing against the Adani mine.”

Adani has planned and failed to deliver previous Golden Shovel moments. The first in late 2017 disappeared in the lead-up to the Queensland state election, following a shift in Labor's position. The December 2018 Adani 'Start your Engines' event was poorly delivered and gained little attention.

The proposed 86 kilometres sealed road will replace and upgrade an existing dirt road from the Gregory Highway to Adani’s Carmichael Mine site. It represents 5 percent of the project cost but only a fraction of that will be spent before May. The mine awaits state and federal approvals.

Meanwhile the convoy, to be headed by electric cars, is building. The Bob Brown Foundation has more than 450 people officially signed up to drive part or all of the route from Hobart (17 April) to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Airlie Beach and the mine region, ending with a Stop Adani Rally at Parliament House in Canberra on Sunday, 5th May. The election is due on May 11th or 18th.

Photos of promotional posters, for the convoy, in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane below:


For more information:

Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager, 0427 366 929

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