Media Release: Morrison Government failing to protect endangered wildlife

The Morrison government’s failure to protect Australia’s endangered wildlife has been confirmed by the Auditor General’s damning report released last Thursday.

“The appalling lack of monitoring most species, their habitats and threats show the Morrison Government is approaching the extinction crisis with dangerous neglect. Victims of this willful neglect are all vulnerable species, such as the critically endangered swift parrot, the largest barn owl in the world, Tasmania’s Masked Owl and even the iconic koala,” Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“Environment Minister Sussan Ley is fuelling the extinction crisis, of which Australia is the world leader. The list of grievances the Auditor General found is long and ranges from missing plans for vulnerable species, progress on action for protection not monitored nor tracked, lack of funding and more,” Doro Babeck, NSW Campaign Organiser with Bob Brown Foundation said today.

“Not only is Government totally failing to protect endangered wildlife with our environmental laws, taxpayer money is being wasted to fast track their extinction by supporting the loss making industry of native forest logging to the tune of $20m annually in NSW alone. If Australians fully understood, how the government is consciously throwing money to destroy habitat and forests, instead of protecting them, the public would be outraged,” says Doro Babeck, Bob Brown Foundation Campaigner. “Even businesses such as Queensland timber company QCE (Queensland Commodity Export) are pulling out of purchasing from Forestry Corporation NSW for their unsustainable practises, as was uncovered by stakeholders and Citizen Scientists. We clearly see that the government is not doing its job!”

“In Australia’s largest temperate rainforest, Tasmania’s takayna/Tarkine, the Tasmanian Masked owl is vulnerable to extinction and facing a proposal by Chinese state owned miner MMG to dump millions of tonnes of heavy metals waste dump in its habitat. It has been left to our environment organisation to survey the natural values threatened by this proposal and halt the machines from arriving by our blockade and non-violent direct action. While the Australian government hands wild nature and the wildlife to the destroyers,” Jenny Weber said.

“Ending native forest logging and deforestation for mining, instead protecting Australia’s vast tracts of wildlife rich carbon storehouses are critical solutions to the extinction and climate crises that Australia’s government is failing to do,” Jenny Weber said.

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