Media Release: Lame duck Ley dumps environmental action.

“Australia’s Minister for the Environment Sussan Ley’s rejection of Graeme Samuel’s call for an environmental ‘cop’ is a ministerial green flag to environmental lawlessness”, Bob Brown says.

“Samuel found that Australia’s environment laws are ineffective. Ley is there to ensure they remain that way.”

“Ley says she’ll bring in new environment standards but won’t police them. No doubt the same will apply to Indigenous heritage - after consultations. This is like passing a Crimes Act but abolishing the police force. She is a lame duck minister.”

"The government and parliament are there to regulate the marketplace, the corporate sector in particular, in the public interest. Implementing standards but committing to not police them is sheer irresponsibility and sets a course for decades more community division and uproar over environmental crime", Brown said.

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