Media Release: Bob Brown Foundation has called for a police investigation into the bolt allegedly found in a log at a Tasmanian logging mill.

“Our Foundation has no knowledge of or involvement in this alleged incident. We are always non-violent in our defence of the forests and have been all our lives,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“We are calling for a full and thorough police enquiry, including into the logging companies and any workers that may have been involved in this incident. This is a set-up.” Jenny Weber said.

“There have been similar previous claims but all turned out to be hoaxes. The most recent was when Premier Giddings had to apologise to me and fellow forest defenders in 2012 after accusing us of using tree spiking as a tactic in our campaign against native forest logging. In 1993 there was the notorious frame-up by pro-loggers who placed the so-called Black River ‘bomb’ on a railway track days before the federal election,” Jenny Weber said.


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