Media Release: Three protests, three pleas for climate and environmental action.

5 May 2022

Simultaneous protests for Tasmania’s wild places today from the forests to parliament to Sydney

Bob Brown Foundation is protesting in takayna / Tarkine today to prevent MMG from building a toxic waste dump, protesting at a Sydney mining investors forum to dissuade investors from two new mines proposed by Venture Minerals in takayna and holding anti-protest law demonstrations at Tasmania’s Parliament House.

“Protests at mining investor forums. Protests in the threatened ancient forests. Protests on the steps of Parliament. The drills won’t drill, the machines won’t roll, and these nature destroying projects will face disruption,” takayna Campaigner Scott Jordan said.

“Tasmania’s government is today bringing on an excessive, unnecessary and draconian anti-protest law in an attempt to silence dissent on their appalling environmental destruction track record. We will be hosting a snap action at 1pm today on Hobart's Parliament lawns to demonstrate opposition to these laws,” Scott Jordan said.

Today, in Australia’s largest temperate rainforests, our commitment to preventing destruction of the globally unique forests continues with another protest. Georgina O’Toole, a walking track builder from the Blue Mountains, is protesting from a tree-sit, preventing mining company MMG from doing unnecessary work.

“I am in this tree-sit to help fight for takayna forests. Once we have lost them, there is no getting them back,” Georgina said.

“In Sydney today, our continued investor dissuasion protests against Venture Minerals have moved to the Sydney Resources Round-Up as Venture seeks investors to fund two new rainforest destroying mines in takayna. The proposed mines at Mt Lindsay, Mt Livingstone and the Wilson River will destroy ancient temperate rainforest, affect populations of threatened species of Tasmanian Devil, Spotted-tail Quoll and Tasmanian Masked Owl and risk recently discovered, globally significant stands of Huon pines, with trees over 2,500 years old.”

“Venture Minerals seeks to destroy World Heritage value rainforest in takayna in not just one, but numerous, highly speculative, high risk, short term mines in public reserves. We are here to tell investors this proposal will be fought and defeated. Our message today is clear. Do not fund Venture Minerals in takayna,” said Bob Brown Foundation takayna Campaigner Scott Jordan.

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