Media Release: First Time Protest on Tasmanian Salmon Factory Farm

11 May 2022

Today, ocean activists from Bob Brown Foundation climbed onto Tasmanian salmon pens and held a banner to protest the toxic salmon industry while the Blue Economy CRC Salmon Symposium is on in Hobart.

“This is the first time in Tasmania a protest is being held on the toxic salmon factories and it won’t be the last,” said Alistair Allan, Marine Campaigner at Bob Brown Foundation.

While delegates visit one of Tassal's salmon factory feed barges at Margate, protesters have boarded one of Tassal's nearby salmon pens.

"This week, the salmon barons and the Blue Economy CRC are scheming about the industrialisation of the oceans with giant salmon factories in the middle of a biodiversity crisis. This will result in a larger toxic salmon industry and harmful impacts on marine life. With the same appalling operators and the same ineffective regulator, it will be more harm and pollution, out-of-sight and out-of-mind," said Bec Howarth, Marine and Fish Farm Campaigner at the Bob Brown Foundation.

"Today, I have witnessed just how appalling the Tasmanian salmon factory pens are," said Alistair Allan, Marine Campaigner at Bob Brown Foundation.

"Every Tasmanian should be exposed to the horrors of these salmon pens up close and see thousands and thousands of salmon jammed and crammed together in these nets. They are truly the battery hen farms of the sea."

"We cannot allow these salmon pens to destroy the ocean. Their track record of toxic destruction of the coastlines and rivers where they have been allowed to operate is enough to rule them out of expanding.”

"It is the Tasmanian wildlife, oceans and community that will bear the burden of the environmental destruction that’s coming down the line."

"Oceans need protection, not carving up for corporate greed," said Alistair Allan.


Alistair Allan
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