Media Release: Poll shows Australians oppose native forest logging 4:1.

An Australia Institute poll of 1000 Australian voters shows a 4:1 majority oppose native forest logging (65% compared with 16%). Making the poll public today, the Bob Brown Foundation says it has written to both Labor leader Anthony Albanese and Prime Minister Scott Morrison calling for federal powers to be used to protect the nation’s remaining native forests which are vital habitat for many species of birds, animals and plants threatened with extinction. A decisive majority of Coalition and Labor voters, as well as Greens voters, back ending the logging.

“The public is right on side for Australia to follow New Zealand which banned native forest logging in 2002 and which has an ongoing plantation industry meeting its timber needs,” Bob Brown said in Hobart today.

“In the run up to the global conference on climate change in Glasgow, it would be a domestic and international winner for Australia to end the logging. That would make a huge reduction in the greenhouse gases released when these ancient forests are felled and burnt and would also be a giant stride towards reversing the road to extinction for iconic species like Koalas, Leadbeater’s Possums, Greater Gliders, Swift Parrots, Black Cockatoos, and both Masked and Powerful Owls,” Brown said.

“Western Australia has shown the way. But it can’t be left to state governments alone. This requires coordinated national action and can be achieved at much less than 1% of the cost of the PM’s nuclear submarines,” he said.

The Greens back saving Australia’s native forests.

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