Media Release: Liberals’ jails will overflow - Brown

‘Scott Morrison’s bullying tactics against the majority of Australians who want action to end fossil fuel mining and forest destruction will fire greater peaceful public reaction,’ Bob Brown said in Melbourne today.

‘Marie Antoinette is said to have sniffed, ‘let them eat cake’. Morrison has, with equal triviality and inability to see the public’s distress, sniffed ‘don’t be scared, it won’t hurt you: it’s coal!’

‘Morrison’s reference to Armageddon marks his blinkered religiosity on a planet threatened by his own role on the human-induced path to disaster!’

‘Hundreds of thousands of intelligent good-hearted Australians will raise the ante if Morrison does.’

‘The Liberals’ jails will overflow with conscientious objectors to Morrison’s inaction - except for penalising fellow Australians - on the global environmental crisis.’