Media Release: Tasmania’s threatened Tarkine on the world tree climbing stage

Tree top camps at 132 events across 24 countries finished up today, as forest campaigners and citizens returned to the ground after an incredible show of support for protecting our remaining native forests. From Sabah in Malaysia, Oregon in the USA, Scotland and Australia’s native forests, including the Otways, takayna / Tarkine and south coast NSW.

"The global Big Canopy Campout put takayna / Tarkine on the world stage, where it should be, as one of the world’s last wild places with its globally significant values threatened by logging, mining and off-road vehicle damage. Hundreds of people climbed and camped in trees around the world to raise awareness about how important forests are for the planet, for other creatures and for us,” Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“Australia’s Big Canopy Campouts highlighted threatened forests in Tasmania’s takayna / Tarkine, in the wildlife-filled forests of Victoria, NSW and the frontline activists fighting Adani in central Queensland, who also joined the campout. Australia’s natural environment is under immense threat and needs urgent protection in this age of a biodiversity and climate emergency,” Jenny Weber said.

"Protecting native forests globally is the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to deal with the current extinction crisis. Australia should be leading the way not being one of the worst performers. All these wonderful people who participated in the Big Canopy Campout are part of that way forward," said Bob Brown.

“Clearfell logging was finally phased out in the Otways in 2008 after almost three decades of relentless community action. The only reason we can enjoy this National Park is because of community blockading and we are here to celebrate that. It both inspires and upsets me no end to think that these old myrtles and 60m eucalypts would have long ago become woodchips had it not been for these actions," said Brad Graham, Otways Big Canopy Campout spokesperson.

“’If you think you are too small to make a difference, spend a night with a mosquito’. This makes me laugh every time because it sums up exactly what Big Canopy Campout represents. BCC began as a way to connect individuals, small groups and organisations scattered all over the world doing incredible things to protect, understand and interact positively with forests. It is a platform that we can share once a year to support the work and efforts achieved by others in the fight to preserve our remaining wild spaces,” said Vicki Tough, Big Canopy Campout coordinator in Germany.

“This year has seen an overwhelming amount of support, solidarity and effort put in all over the world and we couldn’t be happier. Bob Brown Foundation has led the way in demonstrating to the world how frontline non-violent action-led campaigns can not only positively impact the future of our forests but are a crucial tool in how we protect our green spaces. I believe that every single person taking part this year has taken inspiration from their achievements and drive. We’re only just getting started! Looking forward to next year already,” Vicki Tough said.

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