Media Release: Appeal to Stop Adani Funding Fails

The Bob Brown Foundation’s appeal to replace Adani as the funder of tomorrow’s Gandhi ceremony in Brisbane has been turned down. Brown spoke with the ceremony organisers yesterday.

“It was an genuine effort to rescue this celebration of the 150th anniversary of Gandhi’s birth from the offensive stigma of Adani as sponsor,” Bob Brown said today.

“Highlighting Gautam Adani’s name next to Mahatma Gandhi’s corrupts the memory of Gandhi, who promoted the idea of respect for nature and kindness to our fellow human beings. Adani is a multi-billionaire who Gandhi would have called a thief: “All amassing of wealth ... above and beyond one’s legitimate needs is theft.”

Gandhi also said that “non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as is cooperation with good”. We support tomorrow’s celebration but are appalled that Adani, whose coal mining is evicting indigenous people from their lands in both India and Australia, should be claimed as an ‘ahimsa’ donor to fund the event. Ahimsa, as Gandhi described it, meant doing no damage to life on Earth.

Bob Brown will talk about Adani and Gandhi’s legacy at Brisbane’s Gandhi statue this morning.

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