Media Release: Swift parrot logging uncovered

Logging in critical Swift Parrot habitat has been uncovered on Tasmania’s east coast by Bob Brown Foundation Campaigners and volunteers.

“In native forests, just west of Freycinet National Park, logging of Swift parrot habitat has been uncovered this week. Tasmania was recently labelled the most secretive state in Australia, this is starkly apparent out in the forests where the ongoing flattening of forests occurs without proper scrutiny. Sus Timber Tasmania is secretly destroying habitat for a critically endangered species. All logging of Swift Parrot habitat needs to cease immediately,” Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

Bob Brown Foundation has today written to Minister for logging, Guy Barnett and Forest Practices Authority. Our Foundation is calling on the Minister to halt the logging and protect the Swift Parrot habitat and calling on Forest Practices Authority to investigate potential breaches of the Swift Parrot Important Breeding Area prescriptions including proximity to Swift Parrot sighting on 17/11/2020.

"Our Foundation is writing to the FPA, which is claimed to prevent such environmental wrong-doing. I am thinking of writing to Santa Claus because I think it might be more effective. This failure to protect the people's wild forests and wildlife is why we are taking the logging authorities to the Federal court on December 2nd/3rd," said Bob Brown.

“Our Foundation is commencing a Swift Parrot citizen science project next week, we will be surveying critical habitat for the Swift parrot that is on the logging schedule. It is vital that we are out in these native forests to defend and protect the habitat for this critically endangered species. The logging over the last few decades has been relentless in these east coast forests pushing the Swift parrot to the brink of extinction. The logging is hidden away from public scrutiny,” Erik Hayward Campaign Organiser for Bob Brown Foundation said.

“The native forests that are being lost right now is Eucalyptus foraging and potential nesting habitat. Logging of Eucalyptus ovata forests in proximity to potential Swift parrot nests and foraging habitat is in breach of logging prescriptions. These valuable Parrot forests need secure long term protection in conservation reserves,” Erik Hayward said.

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