Media Release: Stop Adani Convoy’s success and Labor’s failure.

Federal Labor’s election analysis undersores the success of the Stop Adani Convoy, Bob Brown said in Toowoomba today.

‘It is clear Labor understands it lost votes everywhere by sitting on the fence with Adani. It is equally clear Labor would have contrived to give Adani the go-ahead had it won and, should the mine ever produce coal, will be backing it at the next election despite the environment being a Labor ‘core value‘. For Labor this is a case of ‘wrong way, go back!’ Brown said.

‘Had Bill Shorten taken a cue from Bob Hawke, who campaigned unequivocally against the Franklin dam in 1983, he could be Prime Minster today. Hawke lost all 5 Tasmanian seats but his decisive ‘no dams’ policy was a winner across the rest of the country. In 2019, with a decisive ‘no Adani mine’ stand, Shorten would have lost similarly in central Queensland but won more seats elsewhere in Australia,’ Brown sai

The convoy, endorsing Labor’s core value of the environment, boosted the Greens vote, especially in Queensland, when Labor failed to respond. It was small play compared with the size of environmental campaigns expectable at future elections as the climate emergency worsens,’ Brown said.

The Labor report coincides with a tour of the Matthew Newton film ‘Convoy’ - about the Convoy’s success - in Toowoomba tonight and Brisbane tomorrow.

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