Media Release: Tarkine defenders return to the trees as senators tour threatened forests

Peaceful occupation of the threatened takayna / Tarkine forests has resumed this morning, as community members continue to defend ancient forests on the Sumac Ridge.

Bob Brown Foundation is pleased to host Senators Nick McKim and Peter Whish-Wilson on a tour of the Sumac rainforest coupe SU055C in the takayna / Tarkine today.

The Senators will be shown the area threatened with logging, including giant rainforest trees destined for the woodchip mill.

"Imminently threatened by logging, these old growth forests contain some of the world's most ancient ecosystems. Venerable myrtles, giant eucalypts and the endangered Tasmanian Devil are all part of this unique forest. It is a global treasure that the even Federal Minister, Greg Hunt, has said should be kept safe 'not just for decades but for generations and generations'. The Federal Government should step in and protect these forests as part of a wider Tarkine National Park," Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager, Jenny Weber said.

"We thank Senators McKim and Whish-Wilson for taking the time to visit these precious forests and trust they will relay what they have seen to the Senate", said takayna / Tarkine campaigner Scott Jordan.

"While the Hodgman Government is wielding the axe, the Commonwealth Government is enabling this vandalism through Environment protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act exemptions under the Regional Forest Agreements.”

“We extend the invitation to all Federal parliamentarians to see firsthand the forests condemned by the failed Regional Forest Agreement and to meet with the brave defenders campaigning to have takayna / Tarkine protected as a National Park and World Heritage Area," concluded Mr Jordan.