Media Release: Tarkine defenders in place

More than 20 people have camped at Sumac Ridge in the takayna / Tarkine rainforest overnight. Bob Brown Foundation is organising the defence of the Tarkine forest which the Hodgman government has listed for clearfell logging and burning.

Bob Brown has returned to the Tarkine and Dr Lisa Searle is in a tree-sit, high in the forest canopy.

“The latest Australia Institute commissioned poll shows an increasing majority of Tasmanians, including Liberal voters, want the Tarkine protected as a national park. And 78% of Labor voters want a national park: Rebecca White should bring her party into line with the great majority of its voters,” BBF’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said today.

“We are here for the long haul,” Bob Brown said.

“Logging this cathedral-like rainforest right next to the Tarkine Tourist Drive makes no sense economically, environmentally or if we are concerned about jobs. It’s a jobs killer in this age of Tasmania’s fortunes being tied to its clean green image.”

Brown first walked in the Tarkine rainforest, in search of the Tasmanian tiger, in 1973. “It’s wonderful to be back out in this wildlife-filled natural forest, under canvas,” he said.