A full bench of the Federal Court will hear the Bob Brown Foundation’s challenge to the Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement before Christmas. The court agreed to expedite the hearing. The date is yet to be set.

After a preliminary hearing today, Justice Kerr had agreement from the Foundation and the three respondents, the Commonwealth, Tasmania and Forestry Tasmania for a hearing between 23rd November and 18th December.

“Our case is that the RFA – which itself claims to offer protections under the guise of broadscale elimination of critical forests - is not enforceable and so the RFA is invalid, hence logging and burning of our wildlife-filled native forests is illegal,” Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said today.

“And if we are correct, this will have implications for RFAs – and forests subject to their destructive outcomes – throughout Australia. Like Tasmania, RFAs in NSW, WA and Victoria are notoriously destroying native forests that are rich carbon storehouses and wildlife-filled in an age of biodiversity and climate emergency needs to end once and for all,” Jenny Weber said.

“The nation’s forests and wildlife are on the line. Fortunately, further destruction is avoidable. In 2020 Australia has enough plantations to sustain jobs and meet all our wood needs,” Jenny Weber said.

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