Media Release: Police arrive to remove Tarkine forest protest

More than twenty police have arrived at the Bob Brown Foundation’s forest blockade in takayna / Tarkine to remove protesters. A tree-sitter is 25 metres up an ancient eucalyptus tree and a blockade camp was established on the road outside an area of forest in the Sumac region on the weekend.

The Sumac forests in takayna / Tarkine have been threatened with the creation of a new logging road for the past three years and our Foundation’s peaceful protest has saved them from destruction.

“Premier Hodgman has failed the climate, wildlife, and Tasmania’s economy today again. Sending in a small army of police to remove people from protecting an ancient rainforest from logging is a shame. Our Foundation remains committed to protesting in defence of these ancient forests,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“Sustainable Timbers Tasmania's logging plans represent the ongoing wood-chipping of threatened species habitat, the loss of more of Tasmania's ancient wilderness like takayna / Tarkine and more public subsidies to prop up a failing, outdated business model,” Bob Brown Foundation’s takayna / Tarkine campaigner Scott Jordan said.

These threatened forests are located southwest of the popular and iconic Sumac Lookout overlooking the Arthur River. Tasmania’s government logging agency has plans to flatten these forests.

“We will continue to defend ancient rainforests and tall eucalyptus forests rich in carbon and critical wildlife habitat,” Scott Jordan said.

“Endangered Tasmanian Devils, spotted-tailed quolls, a vast list of birds and many more important wildlife rely on these intact old-growth forests for habitat,” Scott Jordan said.