Outrage at Criminalisation of Peaceful Protest

Legislation which passed the federal parliament yesterday to criminalise peaceful protest is outrageous and anti-democratic according to Bob Brown Foundation.

‘Australians making a peaceful stand, like that at the historic Franklin River blockade, face years in jail under this Morrison government law. Under the guise of penalising animal justice demonstrators, the government has thrown a noose over almost all forms of on-site environmental protest,’ BBF Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said today.

‘That includes leased native forests, coal mines, eco-tourism sites in wilderness and industrial fish farms. This is the most draconian anti-environment legislation in the nation’s history,’ Weber said.

‘The Tasmanian Wilderness Society people who organised the famous riverside blockade in 1982, which saved the river, would have faced five years in Risdon Prison under Morrison’s law, just for facilitating the 1,500 people who went there and were arrested for trespassing in the public rainforest.’


Adam Burling
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